A.C.E. Welcomes New International Interns

A.C.E. Interns Taeyoung & Naoto

By Kate Spoor, Group Programs Coordinator — A.C.E. recently welcomed two new interns for the fall. They are from UW’s Foster School of Business Program for International Outreach. They are here at A.C.E. to learn more about how an international language institute works and to help us out during this busy time!

Here’s some more information about why they chose A.C.E. and what they’ll be doing with us at the institute! Welcome Taeyoung & Naoto! We love having you here!

Taeyoung Kim

Hello. I am Taeyoung Kim from Incheon, South Korea. I came here to learn English and I have been here for about 7 months. Now I’m taking an English program at University of Washington and doing internship at A.C.E Language Institute. Actually, I am a university student in my country and majoring in architectural engineering. However I am very interested in learning language. Because I would like to talk with people from different countries and share their cultures. After I came here, I have had a lot of friends from different countries. I can practice speaking and listening English and another languages as well like Japanese. Me and Naoto are working together as an intern at this institute and I work for Kate, Kara and Sally who are my supervisors. I’m very glad to work with them and I believe that I can improve my English better than before through the internship.

Naoto Katagami

I was born and have grown up in Kobe, Japan. I’m majoring in English education, and I’d like to become a high school teacher of English in Japan. I have stayed in Seattle for 7 months to study tourism and hospitality to broaden my outlook. The reason why I chose Seattle to study is that it has a lot of beautiful natures…and might be Ichiro! I do love Seattle so much…

I have finished the teacher training for 3 weeks. It was definitely challenging for me to organize the classes, prepare for teaching English effectively, and the like. But I’m pretty sure I enjoyed those days with my students. That experience must have cultivated me and encouraged me more to become a teacher in the future. This is one of the reasons why I would like to work here at A.C.E. I’m very interested in the American way of teaching English as a second language.

I love traveling, playing sports, eating awesome foods and drinking, hanging out with my friends, and any other great activities. Also, I’d love to talk with other people from foreign countries. I hope my Seattle life will be more fabulous day by day even if it has already been wonderful.

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