A.C.E. ESL Graduate Success Story: Abdulrahman Jabrah

By Sally Thomas, A.C.E. Language Institute Director at Seattle Pacific University:

Abdulrahman is a 25 year old young man from Abu Arish, Saudi Arabia. He started A.C.E. Language Institute at Seattle Pacific University with a scholarship from the Saudi Cultural Mission in March 2009 and was placed into the lowest level, Level 1. His English skills were very basic, and he responded to the initial placement essay question, “What do you consider the worst problem facing the world today, and what could be done to solve this problem?” by writing, “call 911 I Don’t No”.

Abdulrahman increased his English level at a steady pace by keeping good attendance and being a conscientious student. By the next year, he was in Level 5 writing full essays and completing a research paper. Congratulations to Abdulrahman, who graduated from A.C.E. on August 19, 2010 by finishing Level 6 and the required SPU university course, in which he received an A! At the closing ceremony, a tearful Abdulrahman thanked his teachers and the A.C.E. staff for all that they have done to help him improve his English. He is hoping to attend a university in the U.S.

So from all of us at A.C.E., we wish you boundless success in the future!

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