Conditional Admissions Explained

On the heels of last Friday’s post, The Chronicle of Higher Education takes a look at Pathway Programs from a slightly different angle. The article explains how international students traverse the educational system from their home countries to an institute of higher learning in the United States via intensive English programs at partner universities. In a nutshell, students “are offered conditional admission to an American college even though their English-language skills might not meet entrance standards. With a provisional offer in hand, students then polish their English at the college or at an approved language school before taking an English-proficiency exam.”

On that note, I offer the same disclaimer as I did last Friday: Associates in Cultural Exchange is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. A.C.E.’s Language Institutes at Seattle Pacific University and Montana State University serve as Bridge programs to their host institutions. (Students who complete our program may gain conditional acceptance to the host university without taking the TOEFL.)

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