Monthly Archives: August 2010

Adults and Language Education

It is a commonly held belief that children are better at learning a second language than adults thanks to a hardwired biological device called the Language Acquisition Device, or LAD, which shuts off when a person reaches the Critical Age….

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This Week in International Education

Inside Higher Ed examines the recent surge in Chinese students studying in the United States. The Chronicle of Higher Education discusses the efforts that American universities are making to help their international students feel at home. The New York Times…

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Korean Ambassador to Speak in Seattle

Ambassador Han Duk-soo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United States, will speak in downtown Seattle next Tuesday, August 31. His Excellency will be hosted by the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle. This will be excellent opportunity…

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Conditional Admissions Explained

On the heels of last Friday’s post, The Chronicle of Higher Education takes a look at Pathway Programs from a slightly different angle. The article explains how international students traverse the educational system from their home countries to an institute…

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More Iranians Studying in the U.S.

According to the Institute of International Education, more students from Iran are heading to the United States than ever before. You can read an in-depth report at the New York Times.

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