International Education: The Week in Review

U.S. and Indonesia to Expand Educational Ties: “The United States will spend $165-million over the next five years on programs to help strengthen higher education in Indonesia through educational exchanges and university partnerships, President Obama and Indonesia’s president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, announced Sunday at a meeting at the G-20 summit in Toronto.”

Iraqi Refugees, Desperately Seeking English: “Cuyamaca, a community college just northeast of San Diego, found itself faced with a fast-growing population of Iraqi refugees who were hungry for English-language skills and desperate to sign up for classes, a prerequisite for keeping welfare benefits and essential for finding work.”

Undocumented Students Need Relief While DREAM Act Is Pending: “The DREAM Act would create a path for students like Saad to legally pursue educational and career opportunities in the United States , but until Congress acts, many students like him are trapped, living in fear and unable to carry on with their lives.”

All Eyes on India: “Now, in an attempt to regulate this market and dramatically increase the capacity of its higher education system, India appears poised to provide a path for foreign universities to establish branch campuses or otherwise offer government-sanctioned degrees.”

English-medium teaching returns to 54 govt schools: “KOLKATA: English as the medium of teaching was back at select government schools on Monday, 26 years after the Left Front government banished it from state-run schools. It has now been reintroduced in the higher secondary section of 54 government and state-affiliated schools.”

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