International Education News Round-up

‘Campus Asia’ Project Jumps First Hurdle: Universities in China, South Korea, and Japan snared a government level meeting in Tokyo last week, meeting the first of many challenges in creating a uniform exchange and transfer process. Their ultimate goal is to keep more students in the region by promoting mobility of students and educators across these countries’ borders. Some further obstacles that stand in the way of the project’s realization are credit transfers, the specifics of exchange programs, and quality control among institutions across the region. The Campus Asia Project may pull away a large percentage of the 200,000 students from these countries that studies in the United States each year.

Illinois Aims to Extend ELL Rules to Pre-K: Controversy surrounds the state’s initiative to extend preexisting protocols for grade school ELLs to the pre-Kindergarten level. These rules would require districts to survey parents about languages other than English spoken at home, as well as mandate that all teachers of ELLs attain a special state certification. Supporters of the change hold that the new rules would address a growing language gap among pre-K students, while critics fear that they overemphasize rapid acquisition of English without consideration for the students’ home languages. The state will choose whether or not to adopt the new proposal next month.

Immigrants to the U.S. Have Disproportionately High Number of Doctoral Degrees: While immigrants to the U.S. disproportionally lack a high school education compared to Americans, so too do they hold a higher percentage of doctoral degrees. The Census Bureau reported last week that one in three PhDs in the U.S. in foreign born, while only one in ten of this population has a higher degree at all.

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