Coming Soon: TESOL 2010

Only two weeks left until the 2010 TESOL Convention kicks off in Boston. The four-day event begins March 24 and closes on March 27. For those not in the know, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is the professional organization dedicated to promoting and furthering the field of teaching English to non-native speakers, a field that A.C.E. knows well.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Re-imagining TESOL,” and the plenary speaker is none other than Howard Gardner, the lead theorist behind Multiple Intelligences.

As always, many among the A.C.E. faculty and staff will be attending and presenting at the convention. (You can read last year’s ACEbook coverage from Denver here and here.) This year, though, we’re trying something new.

A.C.E. Communications & Logistics Coordinator, Davey Young, will be live blogging from the conference. Davey is in his final year of the MA TESOL program at Seattle Pacific University, which he will be representing at the convention’s Graduate Student Forum, a mini-conference for grad students in the field. This is his first ever TESOL convention, and he is excited to share his experience with all of our readers. In addition to real-time coverage, he’ll be posting photos and video of the event. If you can’t make this year’s conference, let ACEbook be your virtual link. Check back frequently from Wednesday, March 24 through Saturday, March 27 for regular updates from Boston.

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