This Week in Education

President Obama to Revamp No Child Left Behind: After scathing criticism during the last administration, President Obama announced in his State of the Union Address that he would “seek sweeping change” for the law. Read more here and here.

A Visa and Immigration Policy for the Brain-Circulation Era: Victor C. Johnson, senior advisor for public policy at NAFSA, has released a detailed policy proposal to help spur intellectual exchange. You can read the entire proposal on the NAFSA blog.

Haitian School System Devastated: From elementary schools to universities, clearing the rubble of last month’s disaster reveals more challenges ahead. Click here and here to find out how you can help.

Global Campaign for Education Announces 2010 Initiative: The international coalition dedicated to promoting equal opportunity education for all nations just celebrated their tenth year, and announced after convening in Brussels last week that this year’s initiative will focus on increasing the organization’s visibility while drawing attention to the financial component of growth in education. You can read more at Education International.

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