Chinese Language Programs Blossoming in U.S. Schools

The New York Times has another story on this noticeable trend. One major indicator: Chinese has recently surpassed German for the #3 spot in the most tested AP language in American high schools. One major reason: the Chinese government is paying to send teachers abroad, alleviating strained foreign language budgets. One major benefit: more American students are being exposed to a foreign language at a younger age.

The story broke after the Center for Applied Linguistics recently released the results of its K-12 Foreign Language Survey, which it administers only once every ten years.

A.C.E.’s World Language Programs have long been providing Chinese language instruction in elementary schools around Puget Sound. To learn more or enroll your child, visit our website.

For some back story on Chinese and American language exchange, read (1) these (2) older (3) posts brought to you by ACEBook. As always, thanks for reading.

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