Haiti Relief Effort: How You Can Help

The hearts of the entire staff and faculty at A.C.E. go out to the people of Haiti in the wake of the devastating earthquake earlier this week. Fortunately, millions of people from around the world have rallied together to help support the relief effort. There is a multitude of ways to contribute, and the most immediate needs pertain to providing clean water, food, and medical services to those affected by the disaster. CNN has compiled this exhaustive list of organizations that need your support. We strongly recommend that you find a way to contribute to at least one of these causes.

The people of Haiti have a long and rocky road to full recovery, though, and support beyond immediate essentials will be required. To that end, we recommend a couple of funds which will help reestablish the Haitian educational system by rebuilding schools and providing educational resources for Haitian children and adults alike. The first is Coeration National des EnseignantsHti (CNEH), which you can contribute to through the National Education Association. This fund will help rebuild schools and pay teachers. The next organization is Yele Haiti, founded in 2005 by Wyclef Jean. Yele Haiti is dedicated to establishing scholarships for Haitian students as well as providing food for Haitian schools.

Please make a contribution now. The people of Haiti need our help.

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