Response to Top 10 World’s Friendliest Countries recently reported the top ten most friendly countries ranking several factors from making friends to finding somewhere to live. It is no surprise to A.C.E.’s David Woodward that Bahrain placed number one. “I have spent a lot of time in the region and Bahrain is known as a politically neutral, tourist-friendly island where it’s easy to visit or stay. What people outside the region may not realize is that Bahrain does not have significant oil or gas production, but has built its economy via trade, banking, tourism, and being a safe haven for companies and institutions. One of the most significant changes to Bahrain in recent decades was the building of the causeway to Dammam which makes Bahrain a favorite weekend destination for Saudi nationals.”

For all the students who would like to come study at A.C.E. Language Institutes, we’d like to point out that the United States placed number 10.

Read the story on this report at

Read the Top Ten World’s Friendliest Countries results.

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