China Sending More Students to U.S.

Nearly five months ago we brought you this story, which predicted from a number of indicators that the number of secondary students from China in the United States would soon rise. Last month, the New York Times published this story, which confirms that this prediction has become a reality.

The article notes that China sent 21% more students to the U.S. last year over the year before. While this the largest recent increase, similar boosts have been seen in many other countries as well, and experts have observed that this new influx will provide a serious boon to the U.S. economy. Naturally, the economic state in China has played a role in the changing demographics. The Times article quotes Mitch Leventhal, the vice chancellor for global affairs at Cincinnati University as saying “There’s growing disposable income in China, and not enough good universities to meet the demand […] [I]n China, especially, studying in the United States is a great differentiator, because when students get home, they speak English.”

In 2009, roughly 29% of incoming A.C.E. Language Institute students were from China, most of whom went to study at Montana State University.

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