Monthly Archives: December 2009

A.C.E.’s Cross Cultural Training Expertise Highlighted in USA Today Article

A.C.E.’s cross cultural training and facilitation services for major corporate and government clients have been on the increase over the past decade. These large institutions and corporations are seeking to prepare their leadership and staff for roles which tie into…

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Response to Top 10 World’s Friendliest Countries

Forbes.com recently reported the top ten most friendly countries ranking several factors from making friends to finding somewhere to live. It is no surprise to A.C.E.’s David Woodward that Bahrain placed number one. “I have spent a lot of time…

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Postcard from Sofia

World Language Program Director, Dr. Maka Janikashvili, sends us this note from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, where she has been spending some time since the holidays: “I’ve had the pleasure of attending some wonderful receptions, one hosted by the…

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Season’s Greetings from WLP Tacoma/Gig Harbor

Marita Paly, A.C.E.’s World Language Program Tacoma/Gig Harbor Director, has season’s greetings to share in every language currently being taught in her WLP region. Thanks, Marita! Spanish: FELIZ AÑO NUEVO! French: BONNE ANNE! German: PROSIT NEUJAHR! Hebrew: L’SHANNAH TOVAH! Persian:…

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From the Chronicle of Higher Education

Two stories from the Chronicle of Higher Education caught our attention this week. The first could have massive repercussions for the world of language education. The story is titled “Matching Teaching Style to Learning Style May Not Help Students“, and…

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