Monthly Archives: October 2009

This Weekend in Seattle and Bozeman

If you’re an A.C.E. student (or not, for that matter) looking for a cultural experience in Seattle or Bozeman this weekend, we have a couple of recommendations for you. First up, we recommend the Savor Seattle Pike Place Market Food…

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Should there be a Nobel Prize for Education?

Yesterday’s news that Elinor Ostrom of Indiana University and Oliver E. Williamson of the University of California at Berkeley won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences marked the conferring of the sixth and final Nobel Prize for 2009. The Nobel…

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“Is ‘English Mania’ Good or Bad?”

From Jay Walker’s talk: “English is the world’s second language. Your native language is your life, but with English you can be part of a wider conversation—a global conversation about global problems, like climate change or poverty, or hunger or…

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Visa Nightmares Cause an American “Brain Drain”

A September editorial from Nature claims that “Over the years, the United States has benefited enormously from its ability to attract the most creative scientific minds from around the globe. Increasingly, however, scientists, postdocs and students are turning elsewhere, frustrated…

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Benefits of Bilingualism

By Davey Young at A.C.E.–In the wake of Wednesday’s post, I got to thinking about the benefits not of simply studying another language, but of being bilingual. (I use the phrase “studying another language” here to preclude fluency, and “bilingual”…

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