A.C.E. Announces Study Abroad to Spain, Italy, and Ireland

student1A.C.E. is pleased to announce the creation of three Academic Study Abroad Programs to begin next summer. These will be credit-based courses and short term experiences abroad to focus on various dimensions of “making the world your community”, introducing American students to lesser-known regions, contexts, and cultures, with an eye to overcoming human barriers and conflict. The programs to Spain and Italy will be led by Dr. Alberto Ferreiro, a professor of European History at Seattle Pacific University where he has taught since 1986. He is also a summer Visiting Professor/Lecturer at the University of Salamanca and Founder-Director of the Centro Fray Luis de León. The program to Northern Ireland will be led by Dr. Nancy Burgoyne, professor of Political Science at Seattle University.

The Spain trip will happen in July and August and will include four hours a day of Spanish language instruction for 8, 12, or 16 quarter credits. There will also be an optional literature course, as well as a cultural component. The program will be in conjunction with the University of Salamanca.

The Italy trip will run from June 12 to June 28 and be operated in conjunction with Piccola Universita Italiana in Tropea (Calabria), Italy. The Piccola is an officially recognized language school by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. Tropea in Calabria, in the ‘boot’ of Italy, has been described as the ‘Pearl of Calabria’ The Piccola offers a rich variety of cultural activities, excursions, and all levels of Italian language study.

1 (26)The Northern Ireland trip is designed to help students understand the roots of conflict and the experiences of people living in a divided community. Some of the places the students will visit include the “peace walls,” the policing board, leaders of the Protestant community, leaders of the Catholic community, the parliament building, the University of Ulster, (Derry) or (Londonderry), the American Consulate, and Sinn Fein headquarters. There will also be a host of distinguished speakers covering topics such as integrated education, ex-political prisoners who participated in the blanket protests, the BBC’s portrayal of the conflict, and experts paralleling the current war in Iraq with Northern Ireland. Dates are from June 28 to July 9. The program will be in conjunction with Global Studies Media.

For more information, including program rates and how to enroll, visit our page for A.C.E. Abroad.

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