A.C.E. Celebrates 15 Years of Partnering with MSU

This fall marks the 15th Anniversary of Associates in Cultural Exchange’s partnership with its host institution in Bozeman–Montana State University.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, A.C.E. President David Woodward, Chief Executive Officer Tony Fantham, and President of A.C.E. Japan, Shinji Moriyama traveled to Bozeman for a special ceremony organized by A.C.E. at MSU faculty member Cheri Ladd Le Cain. The Language Institute Director, Dr. Rick O’Connor, welcomed guests from MSU and the Office of International Programs, including Provost Dr. Joseph Feddock, Vice Provost Dr. Carl Fox, Vice Provost Dr. Norman Peterson, and Vice Provost and incoming A.C.E. board member Dr. Greg Young. A.C.E. was honored by the conferring of a honorary plaque, pictured left, by the representative from MSU. The event took place this past Wednesday, September 9th, 2009. More than 70 people, including a number of students at host families, were in attendance.

A.C.E. would like to issue a special thanks to the wonderful people at Montana State University for providing such a strong and beneficial partnership over the years. We look forward to another fifteen.

A.C.E. at MSU provides intensive English language instruction to prepare students linguistically and culturally for their educational and professional pursuits as well as opportunities for personal growth.

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