Finding Jobs in International Education

Welcome to the glamorous world of international education! With a job in this field, you’ll have chances to meet people from around the world, study new languages, expose yourself to various global perspectives, and travel. While the domestic job market–sadly, particularly in education–is a bit dicey these days, the international education network is still rolling strong. Current opportunities to work here may be found at the following locations:

NAFSA Job Listings
Opportunities at IIE
Postings at the Chronicle of Higher Education
TESOL’s Job Marketplace
International School Services

The opportunities don’t stop here, though. You are encouraged to do you our job hunting, as many institutions don’t post listings with larger professional organizations.

Be cautious about taking an overseas teaching job you find on-line, however. A lot of corporate language schools recruit teachers through the internet without much regard for qualifications, and consequently don’t offer competitive wages and may arrange less than desirable housing situations. If you are interested in teaching abroad as a way to globe-trot, the best thing to do is pick your destination and travel there on a tourist visa. Most countries will then allow you to find a job and change visas, though the details of the exchange vary from place to place. Good luck!

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