Announcement: New Executive Officers at A.C.E.

New Chief Financial Officer

Colette Mercier is joining A.C.E.’s Central Office staff as part-time Chief Financial Officer, overseeing finance and human resources for the organization and supervising staff at Central Office. Colette has worked with us as a consultant in finance and human resources since 2003. She brings almost 30 years of experience in nonprofit accounting as finance director, controller, and consultant, in organizations of varying size and mission. Her expertise extends to administration, development/finance coordination, and restoring fiscal order in troubled organizations. We are excited to have Colette fill this new roll.

New Chief Operating Officer

Anthony Fantham is the new Chief Operations Officer of A.C.E. He has 37 years of professional international experience, including 14 years of senior management roles, in international business management, and corporate technical and administrative programs and services involving clients from all business sectors.

Fantham was born and raised in London, England, and in 1972 joined British Telecom via their 3-year apprenticeship program which included attendance at Merton Technical College in Surrey. During training he was awarded certificates of merit each year for “Outstanding Field and College Results.” Fantham was promoted to Technical Officer on completion and remained with British Telecom until 1980.

Fantham joined MCI Telecommunications in 1986. He quickly moved up the ranks from a Technical Consultant to Manager to Senior Manager of Operations where he was responsible for all facilities in Washington, Oregon, Northern California and interconnects with Alaska. His last assignment at MCI was a direct report to the President of Call Center Services as the Senior Business Manager. He was responsible for all aspects of this market segment, including: strategic and budget planning, vendor evaluation and coordination with Human Resources. Fantham also served for many years as an advisory board member with the University of Washington Data Communication certificate program.

Whilst earning a coaching license in 1979 from the Football Association in England, Fantham was recruited to play soccer at the University of Illinois, Springfield. He played three years of college soccer and earned a BA and MA in Communication and in 1984 wrote his thesis on “The Development of Direct Broadcast Satellites in the United States.”

In 1999 Fantham took the opportunity to leave the corporate world for a period of time in order to spend more time with his wife and two young sons and volunteer in their schools as well as to follow up his keen interest in coaching soccer. Fantham became the Head Coach of girls’ soccer at Ballard High School, Seattle in 2000 and moved to the Head Coaching position for both boys and girls’ soccer at Ingraham High School, Seattle beginning in 2002. He is passionate about soccer and believes that the game teaches many of life’s important lessons. He continually strives to apply the ‘teaching moments’ soccer provides to his players, coaches and parents, by doing so giving back to soccer the wonderful opportunities it has given him. Tony is also a soccer referee and has continued to play on competitive teams since leaving college.

Since 2006 Fantham has also provided consulting services, working closely with architects, clients, employees and the business owner to increase revenue and productivity.

Fantham has been married to his wife, Rosemarie, for over 25 years. Both of their sons are Eagle Scouts; his eldest, Peter, attends the University of Washington, and his youngest, David, will begin attending the University of Washington in the Foster School of Business this Fall.

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