Monthly Archives: July 2009

WLP Language Camps Update

By the WLP interns–Friday morning was fun and hectic. In Urdu class, students learned a song about vegetables sleeping in a basket. We sang the song several times, and then we learned to make baskets with vegetables.

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End of Week One: Summer Language Camps

By the WLP Interns–Today the Arabic class learned the names of the body parts. We have a small group of extremely artistic students in the class, so Mustafa divided up the class and those who were artistically inclined drew two…

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Special Report: Summer Language Camps

By the WLP Interns–Upon completion of registration, students and parents headed to their respective classrooms to meet their teachers. Our teachers immediately began to immerse students in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu language. Employing the Total Physical Response Approach, teachers issued…

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Number of Chinese Students Studying Abroad Expected to Rise

On the heels of Monday’s post (see below), we recommend reading this article, which appeared yesterday at ChinaDaily.com. Most significant indicators of the Daily’s predictions: “840,000 high school graduates did not register for the gaokao (university entrance exam) this year”…

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Keeping up on International Education News

By Davey Young at A.C.E.–A question for those of you in the business of international education: How do you stay informed about trends and policy that help shape the ever changing landscape of international ed? I get the sense that…

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