Summer Camp Field Trips!

At the Pita factoryBy the WLP Interns–Tuesday was an exciting day for everyone since all camps went on a field trip! The Arabic camp went to an Arab bakery, Persian students visited a Persian rug store and market, and the Urdu camp went to the zoo.

The kids in Arabic headed north to Everett to visit Pita King. We were lucky enough to visit on a production day so students got to see how pita bread is made. We divided the kids into two groups for the tour. While students waited for their turn, Mustafa and Julie held short review sessions outside in the sun. Our wonderful guide, Jason, explained to the kids how the pita is produced and explained how the machinery worked. At the end of the tour, everyone was given a piece of pita bread, fresh off the assembly line, as well as a bag of pita bread to take home. Afterwards, we went to a park to enjoy the sunshine before heading back to the school.

The Persian camp visited Palace Rugs in Pioneer Square. The staff at the store was totally awesome! The kids got a chance to explore the store and one of the workers gave a presentation on the looms and the process of making Persian rugs. The students had the chance to ask questions and some bought small pillow covers to take home. Next, the camp went to the Persian Grocery and Deli in Bellevue. In groups of five, the students went into the store and wrote down the names of produce in Persian. They got to buy snacks to take to Bellevue Park where they had Persian cookies, bread, and candies.

Meanwhile, the Urdu students went to Woodland Park Zoo. The visit was in keeping with the class theme of a trek through the Southeast Asian jungle. The kids got to see animals that are commonly found in the Urdu-speaking region. Since the camp has been learning the names of the animals throughout the past week, today provided an excellent opportunity for them to practice their new vocabulary.

Persian_collageAll camps returned to Northgate Elementary School for lunch, which was catered by Cedar’s. The kids really enjoyed the food. Afterwards, students had the option of staying inside and doing arts and crafts or going outside for a soccer tournament. The classes got to play each other during the tournament and have a lot of fun outside.

Don’t forget that you can see more pictures here, and continue checking back for updates!

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