Monthly Archives: June 2009

Language Profile: Farsi

I. History & Distribution: This Indo-European language, also known as Persian, is the most widely spoken Iranian language. It is also spoken in parts of Afghanistan, where it is called Dari, and elsewhere around the Persian Gulf. Farsi is often…

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The Current Landscape of International Education

By Davey Young at A.C.E.–The past few weeks have been monumental for the realm of International Education. Important observations were recently made from international education conferences to the highest levels of government, and even in our own backyard. At the…

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On-line Communities for International Students and Educators

By Davey Young at A.C.E.–This morning I sat down at my desk and asked myself, as I often do, “what can I put on the blog today?” The answer I came up with did not, in fact, have anything to…

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Gems from the International Symposium

During the 35th Anniversary International Symposium two weeks ago, we asked audience members to fill out a small, gem shaped piece of green paper detailing a memorable moment in order to share their experience with us. These gems have been…

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Summer Schmooze 2009!

The Seattle Trade Development Alliance is holding its 2009 Summer Schmooze two weeks from today, June 18th, at Safeco Field from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. The event will feature a slide show of the March 2009 International Study Mission to…

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