Gangwon Teachers Arrive in Seattle

IMG_4007A.C.E. welcomes the Gangwon Teacher Program, from June 21 to August 13! The Gangwon Program is a group of 21 Korean elementary school teachers visiting Seattle to participate in an ongoing action research project, in which they evaluate teaching practices and best methods for schools similar to their own and apply it to their school system in Korea. The curriculum has been designed and implemented by A.C.E. at SPU Lead Instructor, Tim Healy. The group will also participate in a Culture class, English language tutoring, and visits to local schools and tourist sites. Some pedagogical exchange with the MA TESOL students at SPU is also in the works, as the Gangwon teachers have been invited to participate in this summer’s Teaching Listening & Speaking class.

This Monday, the day after their arrival in Seattle, the Gangwon group spent all morning in an orientation but were rewarded with an afternoon cruise around Lakes Union and Washington on the schooner Mallory Todd. Some A.C.E. staff tagged along and everyone made fast friends. See all their photos here.

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