Monthly Archives: June 2009

Language Profile: Arabic

I. History & Distribution: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. As a result, it is deeply embedded in various cultural contexts and manifests itself in a myriad of dialects. However, because…

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Gangwon Teachers Arrive in Seattle

A.C.E. welcomes the Gangwon Teacher Program, from June 21 to August 13! The Gangwon Program is a group of 21 Korean elementary school teachers visiting Seattle to participate in an ongoing action research project, in which they evaluate teaching practices…

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Language Profile: Urdu

I. History & Distribution: Very interestingly, Urdu was created less than 500 years ago and comes from the Turkish word ‘ordo’ meaning ‘army’ or ‘camp’. During a conquest of ancient India in the 17th century, soldiers of Persian, Turkish, and…

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Where are all these students coming from?

By Davey Young at A.C.E.–A recent report by the Institute of International Education assesses the numbers behind international higher education students in the United States. The data below matches the following pattern: (1) rank, (2) country of origin, (3) student…

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The World in Words

A.C.E. suggests: Check out today’s “The World in Words” at http://www.kuow.org. You may have missed the live broadcast, but follow the above link to listen to the podcasts, which include anchor Marco Werman’s interview with author Jag Bhalla about his…

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