What have A.C.E. Group Programs been up to?

Mie students break for lunch at SPU's Gwinn Commons

Mie students break for lunch

By Virginia Gabby at A.C.E.–In January we hosted our second group of trainees from the Gyeonggi-do Institute for Foreign Language Education (GIFLE) in Korea. The 23 trainees attended a 4-week English teacher-training program at SPU. Trainees spent 2 weeks at A.C.E. discussing new trends in teaching in the US, studying the US education system and doing action research projects. The highlight of the program was a 2-week teaching practicum in Seattle public and private schools. The trainees observed classes, taught lessons on Korean culture, and gained valuable experience working in American schools.

In February, 24 Japanese nutrition students from Tokyo Kasei University came to A.C.E. at SPU for a 2-week Nutrition Study Tour. The students studied English, visited the work sites of nutrition professionals, and attended lectures on topics in health and nutrition. The highlight of the study tour was a half-day cooking class at the now (sadly) closed Cooking Communion on Beacon Hill. The students learned about northwest cuisine and the benefits of eating local and supporting local farmers while learning culinary skills.

In February we also welcomed students from Mie University in Japan. This was the first year students from Mie attended A.C.E. The students studied English in our intensive program at SPU and stayed with homestay families in the area. The group was a joy to have on campus!

Now that it’s almost May, we’re busy getting ready for summer programs.

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