Monthly Archives: April 2009

Tell us your travel stories

It’s been a pretty business-as-usual couple of days here at the Central Office., and frankly, we’d appreciate a little interaction. For the sake of conversation, how many continents have you visited? Any travel stories you’d like to share? Vote below…

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What have A.C.E. Group Programs been up to?

By Virginia Gabby at A.C.E.–In January we hosted our second group of trainees from the Gyeonggi-do Institute for Foreign Language Education (GIFLE) in Korea. The 23 trainees attended a 4-week English teacher-training program at SPU. Trainees spent 2 weeks at…

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What role does culture play in cultural exchange?

By Davey Young at A.C.E.–The question may seem silly and the answer self-evident, but try answering it. Is it enough to say “A big one”? The issue at the heart of the question is what constitutes culture. The Center for…

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WLP at A.C.E. Receives Grants

The World Language Programs at A.C.E is pleased to announce that we have received two grants to further our development of language programs in the Seattle area. The first grant is from the University Rotary Foundation in Seattle, who awarded…

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More (so much more!) from TESOL ’09

By the staff at A.C.E. at MSU — Each instructor for the A.C.E. Language Institute at MSU experienced a lot at this year’s convention. Here is their extensive team coverage of TESOL 2009. We hope you will find it both…

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