Seattle Study Mission in Abu Dhabi Newspaper


Dr. Magdi A. Hafez, Bill Stafford, Bill Stewart, Marissa Nickle, A.C.E. President David Woodward

The Seattle Study Mission was mentioned on March 9th in the Al Ittihad newspaper in Abu Dhabi. The following is a translation of the article. Translation by Miriam Abd El Hafez.

Mohammed Omar Abdulla: Abu Dhabi is a Gate of Promising Opportunities
Abu Dhabi – Mohammed Omar Abdulla stated that Abu Dhabi is one the most important and largest investment opportunities in education, health, tourism, petrochemical industry and financial services in the upcoming era. He also pointed out that the strategic plan for the year 2030 makes it one of the best economic and educational attractions in the region — a “gate of promising opportunities”. These remarks were made in the conference organized by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Industry and Commerce yesterday for the delegates from Seattle.

The conference was attended by Mohamed Omar Abdulla, Undersecretary of the Department of Economic Development, Khalfan Al Kaaby, a board member of ADCCI, Dr. Magdi A. Hafez, Executive Director of the UAE Academy, and many other businessmen and government representatives.

In the beginning, Mohammed Omar Abdulla welcomed the 90 delegates representing the International Study Mission of Seattle, remarking that Abu Dhabi is witnessing a substantial & historic scale of development, making clear that the Abu Dhabi government is focusing its strategies on a number of developmental sectors: education, health care, tourism, economic growth, infrastructure, income diversity, also adding new strategic plans in research development petrochemicals and clean energy. He also pointed out the importance of cooperation between Seattle and Abu Dhabi, and aside from industrial development, the fact that Abu Dhabi remains a center of promising investments for potential projects which is one of the many reasons for Abu Dhabi to fully implement a well developed education system. He also elaborated on the strategic bond between Abu Dhabi and the US. keeping in view the existence of well-developed economic relations with Europe, US, Asia not only in the petroleum and energy sectors, but also in petrochemicals, education, health care, media, financial services, communication and medical supply. Al Kaaby offered a full description of the role of ADCC in empowering the economic situation in Abu Dhabi. Bill Staford gave a speech about the strong relations between the US and Abu Dhabi saying that Seattle isn’t “Starbucks” or “Microsoft” only, but is a model for modern development model just as Abu Dhabi is.

Mohammed Al Qubeisi from Abu Dhabi Council of Development and Economy had a presentation about the vision of Abu Dhabi in 2030 and its development in infrastructure and economy.

Dr. Mohammed Ebrahim Al-Mualla from Khalifa University provided a good explanation of the overall educational situation and Khalifa University’s experience as a model of a high tech institution. Dr. Fin Gilodner from the health care department also pointed out the great development happening in his sector. So did Lawrence Franklin from the Tourism association. Finally, Dr. Magdi A. Hafez, Executive Director of the UAE Academy, added that the conference would continue through the day with two more round table meetings which would discuss the opportunities for investment between the two sides.”

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