What a Great Homestay!

homestaystory2I just wanted to say what a great home stay experience my daughter and I had with a recent student named Shunsuke from Japan. Shunsuke was placed with us through the ACE program at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle.

homestaystory1My daughter loves to meet the new students that we host and looks forward to it with great excitement. She invited a friend over that first day after school to meet “our new student”. I knew right away Shunsuke was going to fit in just fine in our household. Within minutes my daughter and her friend had made friends for life! Poor Shunsuke! (see attached picture)

I think a homestay with children can work out really great. Even if the English level is low, my daughter seems to be able to communicate really well with all our students.

We were very happy to host Shunsuke and still keep in touch. He sent my daughter some Hello Kitty presents for Christmas and we sent him a photo album with memories of his time in Seattle. We hope to see him again someday. — Meg C. Host family since 1998

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