ACE Students at SPU Volunteer and Learn about Global Fair Trade

Ten Thousand VillagesBy Sally Thomas  at A.C.E. SPU — A.C.E./SPU Level 5 students Steve (Han-ming Du) and Jenny (Jing Xi Li) are improving their English skills as they volunteer at the Seattle non-profit and fair trade retailer, Ten Thousand Villages.  As an invitation from their Listening and Speaking class teacher, Valerie Giesbrecht, Steve and Jenny attended eight hours of group and individual volunteer training.

Steve, who hopes to enroll in an American MBA program, and Jenny, who is applying to SPU’s nursing program, develop valuable English skills as they engage with customers and tell about the hand crafted items sold at Ten Thousand Villages.  From a business perspective, Steve is learning firsthand about microcredit as Ten Thousand Villages sells products from microloan-supported artisans from 38 developing countries.   He is also getting acquainted with the computerized point of sale system.  Jenny is utilizing practical, inter-personal communication skills that will be essential  for her as a future nurse. Steve commented that he is using all the skills that he has learned in class and he is excited to make new friends.

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