A.C.E./SPU International Games Day

By Colin Knight at A.C.E. SPU — “gameknightIt’s a great game!” said Ali Al Hammadi, an A.C.E. student from Dubai. Haruka Sato and four other Japanese college students who arrived at SPU just weeks earlier were teaching him the card game ‘Babanuki’, the Japanese variant on ‘Old Maid’. Moments later, Ali raised his hands in triumph as he was the first to go out; typical beginner’s luck.

Nicole Myr, an SPU senior who went to China for Fall quarter got the opportunity to learn how to play Mahjong, a game played all throughout China and Taiwan using special Chinese tiles. “I saw people playing it all over the place, but no one would teach me,” she said. John Chuan from Taiwan, an
SPU grad student in the MBA program and former A.C.E. student, however, took
the time to teach Nicole and a few others, using the tiles he brought from
Taiwan with him.

Colin Knight, an A.C.E. staff member, took it upon himself to teach students from around the world the increasingly popular ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’. Aya Hattori from Japan learned quickly, going ‘all in’ and taking Colin for all he was worth. Lucky for Colin they were only playing for fun, and not for money!

Meanwhile, other students enjoyed ‘Go Stop,’ a game played with Japanese Flower Cards, or ‘Hanafuda’. Ironically, Hyun Lee, an A.C.E. student from South Korea where ‘Go Stop’ is extremely popular, was teaching some Japanese students how to play.

Lastly, Alicia Briones, another A.C.E. staff member, took the time to teach
a handful of students how to play ‘Mexican Train,’ a version of Dominoes she
learned in her youth. Saleh Alrwajeh, Yukari Yamaki, Mike Raspbury and Esam
all tried their hand at it, and had a great time in the process. Check out
the pictures from the event at http://s120.photobucket.com/albums/o173/aceactivity/.

The International Games Day is an event held once a quarter, either in the SUB or Falcon Lounge. If you want to participate, you can contact Colin Knight at: colin-e1

SPU activities are posted on the ACE website on the calendar page. http://www.cultural.org/esl/spu/calendar.php

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