A.C.E. Study Mission to Oman

In March 2009,  A.C.E. will be organizing the 2009 Oman Study Mission which will take place directly after the 2009 International Study Mission to the UAE. This study mission will have 16 participants.

You’ve heard of the Middle East, the Arab World, and the Arabian Peninsula. But have you heard of the Sultanate of Oman? This jewel of a country on the Eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, faces the Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf, and is one of the finest destinations in the world with 1100 miles of coastline, rugged mountains 10,000 feet high, and ruins of an ancient civilization dating back to 12,000 BC. In March 2009 following the Seattle Study Mission to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, a small group of  delegates will visit Muscat and environs accompanied by one of our own local M.E. specialists, and hosted in country by the national university of Oman, Sultan Qaboos University.


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